Carbon Offsets To Reduce Your Footprint To Net Zero

The circular economy carbon offsets reduce the amount of resources used, waste created and procurement leakage. These programs deliver sustainability teams who repurpose commercial assets and reduce environmental impact.

Successful Circular Economy Carbon Offsets


Your contribution creates commercial repurposing projects that leads to carbon offsets. Your company can apply to carbon neutral goals. This also leads to jobs in education, scientific study, media production, and sustainability professionals, who deliver your solution.

The Sustainability Search
tool allows corporations to search other companies in their industry for surplus inventory that would satisfy their own procurement needs. Before you purchase your next machine, equipment or inventory, take a minute to see if that item is available in our system, already manufactured, at a discount.

Carbon Offset Validation
through a team of renowned international sustainability, corporate and academic experts who calculate and certify carbon offsets generated by corporations through their participation in the circular economy.

Global Repurposing Team
Developing, through a team of renowned international sustainability, corporate and academic experts, new ways to more precisely reduce CO2 emission. We have worked in over 100 countries providing solutions and training on new repurposing professionals.

CECO Investment

Do your company have assets to sell?

Salvex works with procurement departments, inventory managers, warehouse managers, logistics managers, accounting, and sustainability professionals to identify internal solutions and recommend immediate improvements and environmental policy changes. Once the improvements are in place, we provide the case studies and quantify the results which can be projected internally and externally.

Global Carbon Problem

Circular Economy Carbon Offset Solution

Carbon Offset Certificates

Case Study

Repurposing Teams

Successful Circular Economy Carbon Offsets