Salvex is a global auction platform that handles the sale of surplus, salvage, scrap, damaged, bankrupt inventories for asset recovery, insurance, transportation


Salvex implements sustainable procurement programs at global organizations by identifying and efficiently redeploying underutilized assets.

The Founder

Charlie Wilson

CEO, Salvex Corp.

The founder, Charlie Wilson, has been dedicated for 30 years finding solutions in the circular economy through repurposing commercial assets. Putting social responsibility in front of profit has been our mission since 1990.

Charlie Wilson, CEO

Strategic Goals

Cost efficient procurement

Cost Efficient Procurement

Salvex utilizes sustainable procurement solutions to reduce asset storage fees and avoid new equipment purchasing costs. We identify and implement efficient strategic asset reuse programs.

Global asset marketplace

Global Asset Marketplace

Salvex’s proprietary redeployment platform has created and maintained a global asset marketplace used by an extensive corporate and nonprofit network across all major industries.

Sustainable Corporate Procurement

Sustainable Corporate Procurement

Salvex develops, implements and advocates the improved corporate adoption of the UN Global Compact's sustainability best practices, focusing on corporate procurement practices.

Sustainable Asset Recovery Programs (SARP)

SARP is a program developed by the Salvex team that develops end-to-end sustainable procurement at global organizations through SARP professional training, SARP inventory audits, SARP asset redeployment solutions and SARP accounting standards. Companies can analyze ways to decrease their environmental impact through more sustainable procurement and inventory management practices.

Sustainable Asset Recovery Programs

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