Salvex is a global auction platform that handles the sale of surplus, salvage, scrap, damaged, bankrupt inventories for asset recovery, insurance, transportation

Case Studies

Salvex Recovers 19,000 Solar Panels in Honduras Insurance Claim

Salvex recovers 19,000 solar panels from a solar farm insurance claim from a brush fire. A fire broke out in a large solar park, damaging some of the panels that required removing and shipping out of the country. We were able to find a buyer who repurposed these panels in solar parks in the USA. The buyer saved themselves hundreds of thousands of dollars in using salvage panels for their project, instead of having new ones manufactured. Salvex refurbished some of the burned panels and was able to regain their usability for the buyer. This is a sustainability solution created from a major Venezuelan insurance company who was insuring panels in Honduras and needed a comprehensive solution.

Salvex Sells 100,000 Feet of Structural Tubing in a Sustainability Solution

Salvex successfully handled the sale of 2 3/8, 2 7/8 and 3 1/2 pipe in a surplus sale for a major oil and gas company. The buyer was able to repurpose this pipe in creative fencing and structural applications, saving themselves thousands of dollars in purchase costs of new materials. The ability for the buyer to utilize this used pipe in a creative sustainability solution, benefited everyone involved. This effort was good for the environment, by avoiding mining, manufacturing and milling of new pipe.

Salvex Sells 241 John Deere Engines as a Sustainability Solution for Manufacture

Salvex built a sustainability solution, by handling the sale of 241 John Deere Engines, that were a part of an insurance claim when the shelving that was storing them collapsed. The buyer saved themselves thousands of dollars by repurposing these engines as replacements for older equipment, creating a sustainability solution beneficial to everyone. The buyer in the Middle East no longer needed to buy new engines that would have been manufactured. His ability to adapt to the opportunity was good for the environment.

Salvex Recovers 44,064 Flat Bar in a Sustainability Solution for a Major Distribution Company

Salvex was called to handle the sale of 44,064 lbs of Pickled and Oiled Flat Bar that was involved in an accident in Kansas. The bar came off the truck and needed to be restacked and chained to a new flat bed and stored at a wrecker yard. This material could no longer be used by a sensitive manufacture who needed perfect product. Salvex team researched the steel industry for someone who could repurpose these flat bars for a less sensitive application. We found a willing buyer in New Jersey, who saved themselves thousands and avoided ordering new product from the mill. By utilizing this steel with scratches and dents, could still draw out the uses, and creating a sustainability solution for the distributor.

Salvex Sells Beechcraft E90 for Aviation Insurance Claim as a Sustainability Solution

Salvex was hired to sell an Beechcraft E90 that had a bad landing. The aircraft sustained considerable damage and was totaled. Salvex was able to secure a local buyer who also has a need for the Beechcraft usable parts, saving themselves thousands of dollars in repurposing these parts for another aircraft. We were able to successfully complete a sustainability solution for a major insurance company, keeping this insured happy with the quick process.

Salvex Recovers Damaged Equipment and Builds Sustainability Solution for Major Carrier

Salvex was contacted to handle the sale of a 2018 Freightliner Cascadia 125 tractor that was involved in a major accident. The tractor sustained damage to the frame and the cab, making this tractor totaled and not repairable. Salvex worked with local repair shops to find someone who needed the engine and other components to rebuild another truck. The customer saved thousands of dollars repurposing these components instead buying new ones. The speed of the sale, also saved the insurance company hundreds of dollars in storage costs at the wrecker's facility. This is an example of repurposing equipment as a sustainability solution in the transportation industry.